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Testing Background

The National Fenestration Rating Council ( is the Governmental Agency that creates the energy efficiency measurement procedures for windows, doors & building openings. The NFRC has approved a single firm, Architectural Testing, Inc., to perform one of their most critical test procedures, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

The MOST Tested & Proven Hurricane Screens in the WORLD!
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Energy Efficiency
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) measures a material’s ability to block radiant heat from the sun. The SHGC makes it possible to design and select materials that reduce the building’s total heat load. Architectural Testing, Inc., found that you can improve the SHGC of your protected openings by 50%, by using our Hurricane Screens.

Thermal Performance Testing reflects the ability of Screens to act as a wind block, thereby reducing the effects of outdoor conditions. Determining the energy performance of windows, doors, curtain walls, and other fenestration products is critical to consumers, manufacturers, trade associations, builders, and architects who rely on a standard reference point for product comparison. By using our Hurricane Screens, you can improve the R-Value (insulation measurement) of your protected openings by 11%.
Wind Pressure Loss

The Wind Pressure Loss Factor measures the reduced wind pressure by use of our Hurricane Screens. While the pressure drop varies by circumstance, we can conservatively state that wind pressure loss exceeds 30% of the original pressure. This pressure reduction shields your windows from the wind’s full impact. Wind pressure loss will also help you on a daily basis by reducing the effect of outside environmental factors on your indoor climate.

Measuring the transmittance of sunlight through transparent, translucent, or reflectively coated building materials is necessary to determine the illumination of interior spaces and the effect that ultraviolet (UV) spectrum will have on interior furnishings. By using Phoenix Architectural Products’ Hurricane Screens, your Visible Light Reflectance increases by 67%. This is similar to a wrap on a bus, allowing the passengers to see outside while providing privacy from people peering into the bus.

In addition to protecting lives and property, our screens help keeping your wireless network inside your windows and openings by minimizing the amount of data leakage. This is measured by Shielding Effectiveness /EMI. Our screens block over 90 percent of the wireless wave (of all current wireless routers) which keeps your information confined within the walls of your building. This additional layer of protection helps prevent your wireless network from being breached by drive-by data thieves.

What does all this mean?
We are the only Category 5 Hurricane Screen protection system that will protect your facility 24/7,
maintenance free, provide tested energy efficiency improvement and enhanced privacy.

Performance Testing

The MOST Tested and Proven Hurricane Screens in the WORLD!

Don’t let the attractive design of our Hurricane Barriers fool you. While they are visually pleasing and provide permanent protection from storms, they also carry the much sought-after approval from the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office. That makes Phoenix Architectural Products your one-stop-shop for window protection that meets all of your building needs.

An added benefit for public buildings is that the barriers are permanently attached; there's nothing to store or put up at the last minute. The windows and the property inside the building are protected all the time. The barriers allow high levels of light transmittance so the view from inside the building is not disturbed, and their superior design means a pleasing appearance for the exterior of the building as well. Because the Hurricane Barrier carries approval from and meets the strict standards instituted by the Miami-Dade County Building Code Compliance Office, you know it will withstand the force of a 2"x4" hurtling through the air in hurricane force winds. 

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